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In Greek mythology, Kleodora (/kliːəˈdɔːrə/) was the name of one of the nymphs related to prophetic powers. Her name means “wonderful gift,” which in turn referred to the gift of obtaining visions about the future.


In the archaic Hellenic tradition, the kleodoric method consisted of throwing several river stones into a clay urn while singing a song. Later, the nymph would be in charge of granting her gift through procedures that have been forgotten.

KLEODORA parts from the notion that interprets technique as a site of common activity between art and science. From this, he proposes to aesthetically interpret the ecological monitoring process as a way of questioning the notion of value in the work of art and, in turn, explore devices that provide continuity to the material exercise of caring for ecosystems at risk.

Development projects


Invaders of Añuiti


San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur

KLEODORA PROJECT — Pontederia crassipes
KLEODORA PROJECT - Oreochromis niloticus (23.053542, -109.690164).jpg


Conchó Inventory


Loreto, Baja California Sur



Peritus carpintarius


Tampico, Tamaulipas

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