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KIBERNAO is a Thought and Ecocriticism platform located in extreme peripheral spaces —that are, those defined by the preponderant absence of humans—, to frame a series of reflections around the contemporary culture that allow us to question the viability of the Post-industrial society, the alarming destruction of the planet's biodiversity and ecosystems, and the constant disappearance of otherness in the face of the global hegemonic culture.

For some time now, thinking about the extinction scenarios and the search for shelters, thinking about 'the this' or the 'the other' that existed —and that still exists in constant danger of disappearance— had led us to imagine the displacement of the scenarios of thought, the characteristics of the discourses about our history and the ways of narrating its evolution towards what seems to be the most distant or the most alien.

The practices of change are inseparable from those who promote them and from the places where they are carried out. There is a continuous negotiation in this, which sometimes takes on the meaning of a dispute and which determines the general meaning of the historical transformations. What would it mean, then, to discuss the change from the surroundings?

The periphery is a space of continuous displacement. The vocation for the periphery then encourages the continuous reformulation of the practices that take place there and the renewal of the characters that enunciate them. It prevents the consolidation of hegemonies.

We think of wild spaces, we think of the sea, outer space, unexplored caves, deserts, the poles of the planet, or the architectures that have been left to their own devices. We think of languages ​​that have lost speakers, ancient writings not yet deciphered or hypotheses about language in other animal species and machines. We think of the disciplines whose subject matter has not yet been formulated or those that have lost practitioners. We think of forgotten authors, of cultural practices that history does not record, and of course, of the narrations of what have not been.

From the radical alterity of the human limit —the nonexistence— we call our criticism.

If Ecology is the relationship of beings with their environment, let us propose the judgment of what is alien to the social context. Our call is therefore to identify the obvious and find its cracks. Offer the visions of the limit. Finding the questions in it, summoning answers. To incite practices and places of enunciation in continuous reformulation. Observe the signs; expand the courses.

KIBERNAO begins as an invitation to think about the ways of narrating 'the this' and the 'the other' that existed, to reflect on what is cracking in the crust of the peripheries, of the contexts of abandonment and destruction that summon us to articulate proposals that account for our future vestiges and our present belonging.

When we began to imagine KIBERNAO, we were summoned by the recurrence of the fire (the Argentine Pampas, the Brazilian and Paraguayan Amazon, the North American forests, the Australian countryside, the fire in the Museum of Rio de Janeiro and so many more…). That crackling activated the need to listen to another political imagination.

Today we present a Low Tide, which we hope the current will return .








Editorial management

Giulianna Zambrano (Quito, 1984). She is a writer, researcher, and university professor. Her work addresses the practices of liberation, resistance, memory, and justice in writings, materialities and poetics in contexts of violence, catastrophes and political repression.

Fernando Martín Velazco (Mexico, 1990). He is a writer and captain of the Stultifera Navis Institutom, a multidisciplinary research platform through a method of creative expeditions. His work focuses on the expanded arts, starting from research processes in natural spaces.



KIBERNAO. Pensamiento y Ecocrítica is a project directed by Giulianna Zambrano and Fernando Martín Velazco

through the Stultifera Navis Institutom platform.


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KIBERNAO. Thought and Ecocriticics is a free and public access platform, without any type of public or private financing. 

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