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Result of the workshop 'Operational strategies for the scenic intervention of spaces at risk' during the Teatro para el Fin del Mundo Festival, Uruguay 2017.


Ghost of a dream, the recovery of a train station as a waiting place through its rituals produced effects on a sudden interrupted daily life, crossed, beaten; as the pass of a train in the crossroads of an obliviated geography.

Testimony of the research and resurgence process of El Heraldo de Tampico during the 5º Teatro para el Fin del Mundo Festival in October of 2016. 

The once the most influential newspaper in the Northeast of Mexico dissapeared after the longest labor strike in history. His reappearance after 35 years was marekd as an excersies in counterfactual journalism and collective fictionalization. For 3 days the Stultifera Navis Institutom re-edited, printed and distributed this newspaper on its original headquarters.

During the 4º Teatro para el Fin del Mundo Theatre Festival in 2015, Stultifera Navis carried out a process of research and production of Hauntologies in teh city and port of Tampico.

The process of Hauntologic intervention was carried out in the Insurgencia Building, an abandoned historic site reamed by Teatro para el Fin del Mundo in the city downtown.