Result of the workshop "Operational strategies for the scenic intervention of spaces at risk" during the Teatro para el Fin del Mundo Theatre Festival in Uruguay, 2017.


Yatay, which takes its name from a particular type of palm tree, is an abandoned train station in El Capurro district of Montevideo. It was part of an extensive railway network that was closed for passenger transport in the late eighties.


Epicenter then of a relevant industrial center, Yatay was a place of meetings and farewells over several decades. Today, although industrial trains are still visible, Yatay looks abandoned and its benches are no longer the waiting place it used to be. In his song "El vagón dormido", Fernando Cabrera remembers Yatay station as a place of romantic nostalgia.

Ghost of a forgotten dream, the recovery of a train station as a waiting place through its rituals produced effects on a sudden interrupted daily life, crossed, beaten; like the passage of a train at the crossroads of an obliviated geography.