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The natural history of the gray whales is inextricably linked to that of the original cultures that inhabit the coastlines through which its migratory route passes. These are united by common traits associated with singing and ritual-play, which can be easily associated with the friendly temperament of this species, to which is attributed abilities of interpellation with the spirits and the exercise of initiation powers.


"Resurgences" is a visual and musical study of the cultural system associated with the migration of the gray whale. Part of the interpretation of the gestures of the cetacean communities and their counterpoint with the song of the Indigenous Peoples of the Northwest Coast of America.


It is proposed as a study of transfiguration; the continual longing for animistic and totemic systems of thought.

The materials generated during the Leviathan Games cycle are publicly accessible and free, and come to you thanks to the voluntary work of countless collaborators. 

The complete complete archive consists of more than 1,000 hours of video in several simultaneous channels of high-quality recording. It could not be edited, processed and uploaded online for consultation in its entirety due to lack of resources for that purpose. 

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