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“Meyijbén” is the result of ethno-acoustic and performativity studies applied to the interaction with gray whales during their winter presence in the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon in Baja California Sur.


Based on the research carried out through the cycle The Leviathan's Playing (2017-2021), the physical, environmental and seasonal situations propitious to the interaction with this species of cetaceans were identified from the dynamics of ritual-playing and coastal navigation. In turn, a series of gestures and arts were developed that make it possible to exercise effective interaction with gray whales, taking into account their specific observation and listening skills, as well as in strict respect of their biological cycle.


To the above, a detailed study of the seasonal transformations of the ecosystem in which gray whales, humans, and countless species in wildlife conditions concur, anchored to the documentary rescue of ethnographic information on the original cultures of the region; information that has made it possible to re-decipher the existence of a playing season between the desert and the sea.


"Meyijbén" is proposed as an interspecies celebration that marks the beginning and conclusion of the courtship and breeding season among gray whales, flowering in the desert, and fertility in the sea.


Its ritual is built from elements inspired by animistic practices of indigenous cultures of the North Pacific, and which have been designed through the systematic study of interspecies communication channels and the responses of cetaceans to performative activities.


It is presented as a common playing, a celebration of mutual care and hope for the continuity of life's cycles.

Interpreters and research: 

Fernando Martin Velazco

Guadalupe Wolves


Rodrigo Iturralde


Juan Cortes

The materials generated during the Leviathan Games cycle are publicly accessible and free, and come to you thanks to the voluntary work of countless collaborators. 

The complete complete archive consists of more than 1,000 hours of video in several simultaneous channels of high-quality recording. It could not be edited, processed and uploaded online for consultation in its entirety due to lack of resources for that purpose. 

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