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Stultifera Navis Institutomis a platform dedicated to the development of creative processes and interdisciplinary research in the arts, sciences, and humanities, based on an expeditionary method. 

The specialization and laboratoryization of creative and research processes have relegated the role of navigation as a method of building knowledge and collecting experiences. However, this does not imply that the capacity of this practice to build networks of significance and interpretation of relevance has diminished. On the contrary, the development of digital environments has opened up new perspectives for taking up these practices with full relevance.

Stultifera Navis Institutomtakes up drifting as a way of investigating life. Through research projects developed in different parts of the world, it generates understanding strategies without the restrictions imposed by institutional or land practices —as a consequence of which its execution moves to spaces generally called peripheral and whose environment is governed by non-human dynamics —. The tools of this approach can only be imaginative.


This guideline advocates the return of dreams to a public dimension. In turn, by the metaphorical and rigorous investigation of extraordinary facts. 

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