Fusion / Fision

From February 1 to 10, 2020, "Fusión Fisión. Intensive body poetic research workshop with gray whales" was carried out, as part of the activities of The Leviathan Games cycle.

The workshop was directed by the multidisciplinary scenic performer Guadalupe Lobos and consisted of an intensive program of physical training and creation of body language, complemented by an introduction to environmental, anthropology, and history issues related to the geographic area of the desert. El Vizcaíno in Baja California Sur.


In turn, poetic intervention exercises were carried out with gray whales and tours of natural spaces on the extreme periphery.

Photography: Claudia Sánchez Huergo

"Mis recuerdos más profundos vienen del mar", por Sofía PH



Shadé Ríos 

Annel Ramírez Chavarín

Germán Mesa Parodi

Monica Mancilla

Ana Sofía Rubio Badan

Sofía PH 

Lela Bosom

Raúl Reyes

Alejandro Chávez

Dirección: Guadalupe Lobos

Coordinación: Fernando Martín Velazco

Registro fotográfico: Claudia Sánchez Huergo

Asesor científico : David Feeney


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