Navis Aeria

Born in Yugoslavia, the poet and Latinist Bernardo Zamagna (1735-1820) was part of the Company of Jesus until the order was suppressed in 1773. He highlights in his poor Latin translation of Homer's Odyssey and his erratic fascination with astronomical matters. 


In Navis Aeria, the poet imagines traveling the world in a ship elevated by air balloons and conduced by sails.  The crew is a small group of poets and scientists with no other purpose than to appreciate in the distance, the landscape that is denied by feet. 

In this collection of aerial postcards, the Stultifera Navis takes the helm of the suspended ship to describe the landscapes guided by the paths marked by water and wind. His dairy draws on unusual references. His journey denies geography. Discovers the world through metaphors.

Navis_aeria - Bernardo Zamagna 1768.jpg

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