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During March and February 2019 the third expedition of The Leviathan's Playing was carried out, which was called "Breath of the sea". On this occasion, the recording of the underwater audio of the gray whales was added to the artistic poetic interventions, managing to capture in a more comprehensive way the interaction with this species.


On this occasion, more than twenty volunteers from various origins and very diverse professions participated, who for more than a month were alternating their visits to these cetaceans and rehearsing various forms of poetic interaction with them.



Fernando Martín Velazco

Claudia Sánchez Huergo

Paco Jiménez Franco

Martín Paredes

Eustolio Pardo

Emmanuel Islas

Lu Anaya

Emmanuel Borghi

Brenda Persia

Manu Baldenegro

Analí Jiménez

Jocelyn Romo

Analu Heredia

Martin Lopez

Eugenio Maillefert

Joyce vazquez

Christian vilz

Pablo Da Ronco

Gabriela fuchs

Ida Cuéllar

Andres Moreno

Diego Martinez de la Escalera

Miguel Canseco

Claudia Cancino

Daniela guzman

Gregorio Santiago

Paco Ayala

René Villanueva

Diana Delgado

Ivan of the Light

Guadalupe Espinoza

Eloísa González

Ernesto Flores

Rodrigo Iturralde

The project was supported on this occasion by the 2018-2019 Art, Science and Technology program of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Ministry of Culture, through the National Fund for Culture and the Arts.

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